Booth Registration
To get started, find an available booth from the map and select it.
Please be advised that your purchase is not a guarantee of space. We will review all purchases to ensure that each vendor fits our vision for the floor of the show. We will generally reject vendors of anything not directly related to comics or pop culture. We are not looking for vendors of MLM items including Scentsy, Mary Kay, Fingernails, Windows, bathtubs, raffles, games of chance, or small furry woodland creatures. If you left your exhibitor profile vague, you can bet we will be in touch to vet your booth and refund /reject the reservation if we deem fit.

Also be advised that if you registered in an area you should not have, we will likely figure it out and move you or refund/reject your purchase.

We reserve the right to reject/refund any exhibitor at any time for any reason we see fit.